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Reinforced Earth India is a Private Limited company in India, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Soletanche Freyssinet Group.

The main activities of the company are Reinforced Earth® and Techspan® (precast arch structures). Besides, there are other precast products available. The products ensure high quality and safety standards, long term performance and durability, low risks/economic ramifications and sustainable technologies. We also take up MSE wall rehabilitation programs and provide hybrid engineering solutions to challenging projects.

Reinforced Earth India participates in projects that involve design and build solutions, except direct civil works. The business model evolves around providing value-add in services through efficient design and construction management. Special forms, accessories and bespoke supplies are delivered to the project. Our experienced engineers and technicians supervise the activities like precasting and erection and sometimes execute the works; with infrastructure, plant, machinery and materials (concrete and rebar) support from the EPC contractor.

Reinforced Earth India, concentrate heavily on site engineering, operations management and construction supervision. The organization strengths are built around strong values and principles, with prime focus on quality, delivery and customer satisfaction.

Soletanche-Freyssinet is a part of VINCI group, primarily engaged in Construction-Concession Company, with revenue of group 32 billion Euros. Reinforced Earth India (Teree Armee International), through its subsidiaries-represents today the worldwide leader in soil reinforcement with an active presence in more than 100 countries on the 5 continents. The advantages of the technique are numerous: flexibility of the structures giving them capability to support differential settlements and ability to resist to earthquakes; adaptability for construction in areas where land is scarce or expensive; savings in construction time and material costs; durability and reliability of the materials used

The most important feature that has appeared over recent years in the various possibilities for architectural walls combined with the reinforced earth technique. Using our experience accumulated over 40 years, we can respond today to the requirements of designers or architects and propose new types of walls.

Reinforced Earth India is committed to improve the environment protection of construction sites. It has a strong safety, health and risk prevention policy and dedicated towards a strong corporate social responsibility.
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Reinforced Earth India, is global networked company with principal office in Paris. Through its subsidiaries in over 70 countries, Reinforced Earth (Terre Armee Internationale),
provides a global platform of crossfertilisation of ideas and technological superiority , which becomes the benchmark for Specialised Civil Engineering.

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